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Hair Appointment Savings: Getting Stunning Hair on a Budget

In times of increasing prices, it’s key to balance the need for beautiful hair and managing our budget. That’s why at Canberra Hair Extensions, we’re passionate about helping our customers look their best without breaking the bank. We’ve developed a thorough guide to help you maintain your fabulous hair while keeping costs under control.

This article offers practical tips to get the most from your salon visits without giving up on quality. Looking great doesn’t have to be pricey – with some insider tips and flexibility, you can keep your hair beautiful and your budget intact. So, whether you’re a regular or thinking about your first visit to our Dickson hair salon, this guide is for you.

Switch up your foil appointments

Your go-to might typically be a full head of foils, but think about alternating between half and full heads to cut costs. Leaving too long between foil appointments can make it tough to get the look you want and could actually increase the costs of your colour service. Opting for a quarter head is another cost-effective choice that tackles regrowth through your parting and adds a few foils to the sides, ensuring a natural blend when your hair is up.

This service comes with a toner that revitalises your hair colour, even the sections that haven’t been foiled.

Make the most of our deals

Don’t miss out on our special promotion for July 2023 – a half-head of foils at an incredible price of $275. This comprehensive offer covers a half head of foils, toner, haircut, and blow-dry, and is accessible on weekdays before 2 PM. Remember to reference the ‘foil deal’ at the time of booking to secure this offer.

Consider our daytime discounts

Spice up your weekdays before 2 PM with our substantial daytime reductions. Indulge in an awesome 20% savings on tint regrowth and tint plus foil combinations with any of our expert stylists. And there’s more! For the entirety of July 2023, we’re broadening this 20% cutback to encompass ALL our colour offerings. It’s an ideal opportunity to dabble in a new hue or rejuvenate your existing one.

Think about booking with one of our junior or emerging stylists

Our gifted apprentice and developing stylists stand ready to assist you in attaining the hair of your dreams at a fantastic cost. Ash and Koki, who are on the verge of completing their apprenticeships, are offering a 10% reduction on services at any given time. In addition, Felicity, who is presently in her second year, is providing a considerable 30% markdown until July 2023. Savour their blossoming skill whilst making the most of these amazing price cuts!

Book online and save

Experience the convenience of online booking and enjoy a bonus 10% discount on all appointments throughout July 2023. This exclusive offer is valid at any time of day, with the exception of appointments with stylists Emmalene, Ally, and Maria. Take advantage of the savings by booking online at Canberra Hair Extensions!

Haircut and colour combos

Discover an exceptional offer that has remained a fixture on our price list for many years. When you pair a colour service with a haircut, enjoy an incredible 50% discount on weekdays before 2:00 pm, and an enticing 30% discount on weekends or after 2:00 pm!

Rewards programme for free hair products

Make the most of our recently launched loyalty program designed to express our gratitude to our valued clients. Through this program, you have the opportunity to accumulate points equal to 5% of your total expenditure, which can be redeemed towards any of our available retail products. Once your points balance reaches $50, you can easily exchange them for your preferred hair care essentials. It’s our way of giving back to you!

Don’t underestimate the impact of a good haircut

If you usually have a colour service every visit, but your budget is tighter right now, you might be surprised by the difference a good haircut can make. A fresh cut can give a new lease of life to your existing colour and make you feel renewed! Remember, switching to a haircut is always an option, but kindly let us know before your appointment.

Easy payment with Afterpay and ZipPay

Trusty Afterpay and ZipPay to the rescue! These flexible ‘buy-now-pay-later’ payment options allow you to indulge yourself while managing your budget effectively. We have some terms and conditions around these payment options that are worth noting, which our team can inform you about.

Exclusive hair extensions offer

We’re thrilled to offer an incredible introductory Keratin Bond deal, giving you 100 pieces for just $1000. That’s a huge saving of $500! Take advantage of this limited-time promotion, available exclusively on weekdays prior to 2 PM. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of this fantastic deal when making your booking.

Last but not least

Canberra Hair Extensions, your trusted Dickson hair salon, strives to provide a haven of pampering and luxury for you. Your hair is the crown you never take off. Compared to a $200 pair of shoes you might wear only a few times a year, your hair is indeed the best accessory to invest in.

If you’re thinking about cancelling or postponing your hair appointment, please give us a call to see if there’s a way we can modify your service rather than cancel it altogether. This can avoid a much bigger task when you do eventually get your hair done. Should you have a particular budget in mind, please inform us – we can collaboratively develop a suitable solution that meets both your budgetary requirements and your desired outcomes.

We sincerely hope these cost-saving tips will be useful, and we’re excited to see you at your next visit.

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