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Hair Health and Growth Tips

Healthy hair is beautiful hair

While we provide permanent and temporary hair extension options for a quicker path to thicker, longer hair, we also do everything we can to care for your hair. Part of this includes providing information to assist you with your hair health journey so that one day you may not need hair extensions!

Healthy hair starts from within. Diet, medications, stress and overall health play a huge role in the condition of your hair. Your hair, unlike your skin, is not an essential organ. So, if there’s anything in your system that requires additional nutrients, your (very clever) body will send it there rather than to your hair.

If you’ve noticed changes in your hair health, it’s worth visiting your doctor. Recent changes in medication could be the culprit, but a hormonal imbalance, a nutrient deficiency, or an underlying health condition can also be responsible. 

Once the above factors affecting hair health change have been ruled out, a balanced diet and lifestyle can improve the health of your hair. Excess alcohol consumption and smoking dry out your hair from within. Eliminating or reducing these habits can result in an overall positive effect on your body, mind… and hair!

It’s tricky to get all the essential nutrients in your diet. Using supplements can help to bridge any nutrient gaps, ensuring there’s a surplus of goodness in your system. Our favourite hair growth supplement is Mane Event by Apotecari. It’s Australian-made and owned and full of everything your hair needs to be its best. 

Excessive and prolonged periods of stress can wreak havoc on your hair, causing hair loss and lacklustre locks. It’s hard when you’re experiencing stress to find the time to unwind, but de-stressing your life can make a huge difference to your hair and overall wellness.

Investing in a salon professional shampoo and conditioner that has been prescribed for your hair needs is always a great idea. The hair environment is everything. The healthier your scalp, the better your hair will grow. We love the Naturaltech range for the ultimate scalp care that can be prescribed personally for you.

Your sebaceous gland is a microscopic exocrine gland in the skin that opens into a hair follicle to secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, lubricating your hair and skin. Washing your hair stimulates your sebaceous gland, therefore, increasing oil production. So, washing your hair too often is not a good idea. An ideal number of washes is 2 or 3 per week. If your hair is naturally dry, you can likely get away with washing it once a week. 

Either way, up to a week between washes is okay. Anything beyond that may be problematic, as dead cells, oil residue and environmental debris build up on the scalp, which can cause problems for oily or dry hair.

It’s always best to let your hair dry naturally. If you must use thermal tools, it’s essential to use a leave-in thermal protector. Our favourite heat protector is Wow Dreamcoat. More than just a heat protector, it’s a heat-activated treatment that repels frizz and humidity, increasing the longevity of your styling.

Always be gentle when brushing and drying your hair. It’s very important that you choose the right hairbrush. The right brush will gently detangle and smooth while massaging the scalp. The wrong brush can break your hair. We recommend the Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brush.

Trimming your hair regularly is important. As your hair becomes damaged through wear and tear, the ends split, causing breakage further up the hair shaft (and thus requiring more hair to be cut off). We often see clients whose hair is splitting faster than it’s growing, creating the ‘my hair never grows’ syndrome. Regular trims, taking off less than how much your hair has grown between visits, will actually strengthen your hair and make it feel as though it’s growing faster.

Your hair will always thank you for using treatments. We recommend using a weekly plex or peptide treatment (for the inside of your hair) and a weekly moisture treatment (for the outside of your hair) on alternate washes. Otherwise, you can come in and see us for a more specialised and deeper treatment. It’s not only great for your hair, but an indulgent pamper session as well. Remember… de-stressing is good for your hair!

Talk to your Canberra Hair Extensions or Eden Hair Energy stylist about future-proof hair colouring so that you can go longer in between colour services to minimise the damaging effects of colouring your hair.

Ultimately, the best resource you can have when growing your gorgeous locks is a stylist who is as invested in your hair as you are. Why not book a consultation with the team at Canberra Hair Extensions today to get your long hair journey started?