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Hair health and hair growth tips

At Canberra Hair Extensions, we believe healthy hair is beautiful hair.

We provide hair extension services for a quicker path to thicker, longer hair. But we also do everything we can to care for your hair, including providing information and recommendations to assist your hair health journey so that one day you may not need hair extensions! Below is a list of tips and tricks to help get you started on your path to healthy, luscious hair.

Healthy hair starts from within. Diet, medications, stress and overall health play a huge role when it comes to the condition of your hair.. Your hair, unlike your skin, is not an essential organ. And your body is clever. If there’s anything in your system that requires additional nutrients, your body will send it there – and not to your hair. If your hair health has changed, it’s worth taking a visit to your doctor. Recent changes in medication could be the culprit, but a hormonal imbalance, a deficiency or an underlying health condition can also change the health of your hair. 

If you have a deficiency in anything, improving levels of that one thing will provide the most benefit to your hair health. 

Once the above has been ruled out, a balanced diet and lifestyle will go a long way to improving the condition of your hair. Excess alcohol consumption will dry your hair from within and smoking will also have a damaging effect. Eliminating or reducing these in your lifestyle will have an overall positive effect, especially on your hair! 

Even with a balanced diet it can be difficult to get all of the essential nutrients in your diet. This is where a supplement can come in handy, to fill in any gaps and ensure there’s a surplus of goodness in your system. Our favourite hair growth supplement is called Mane Event by Apotecari. We stock it at CHE and EHE: it’s Australian made and owned, and full of everything your hair needs to be its best. 

Excessive and prolonged periods of stress can wreak havoc on your hair, causing hair loss and lacklustre locks. It’s hard when you’re experiencing stress to find the time to unwind, but de-stressing your life will make a huge difference to your hair and overall wellness.

Invest in a salon professional shampoo and conditioner that has been prescribed for your hair needs. There are a few reasons why prescribed products are more effective. The healthier your scalp, the better your hair will grow. The hair environment is everything. Also, if you have a conditioner that nourishes your hair properly, you can minimise the amount of length you need cut off as you’re growing it. We love the Naturaltech range, stocked at CHE, for the perfect scalp care that can be prescribed personally for you. We stock a wide range of products from many different brands so that we can provide you with the best options specifically for your hair.

Wash your hair regularly but not too often as you don’t want to strip too many of the natural oils. Washing too often stimulate your sebaceous gland and increases oil production. An ideal number of washes is 2 or 3 per week.

Your sebaceous gland is a microscopic exocrine gland in the skin that opens into a hair follicle to secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, lubricating your hair and skin.

If your hair is naturally dry, you can likely get away with washing it once a week. With dry hair, washing is more about getting softness and moisture back into the hair rather than that clean feeling. Either way, up to a week is okay, anything beyond that may be problematic as dead cells, oil residue and environmental debris build up on the scalp which can cause problems for oily or dry hair.

Try letting your hair dry naturally and always use a leave-in heat protector when using thermal tools. Our favourite heat protector is Wow Dreamcoat, available at both Canberra Hair Extensions and Eden Hair Energy. More than just a heat protector, it’s a heat-activated treatment that repels against frizz and humidity and increases the longevity of your styling.

Be gentle when brushing and drying your hair. The hairbrush you choose is very important. The right brush will gently detangle and smooth while massaging the scalp. The wrong brush can break your hair. We recommend Ugly Swan Scream-Free Brush.

Trim your hair regularly. As hair becomes damaged, the ends split, causing breakage further up the hair shaft (and thus requiring more hair to be cut off). We often see clients whose hair is splitting faster than it’s growing, creating the ‘my hair never grows’ syndrome. Regular trims – taking off less than how much your hair has grown between visits – will actually strengthen hair and feel as though it’s growing faster.

Treat your hair. Use a plex or peptide treatment weekly or come in and see us for a more specialised and deeper treatment. It’s not only great for your hair but an indulgent pamper session as well. De-stressing is good for your hair!

Moisture treatments are just as important as plex treatments.  Plex treatments work on the inside of your hair to keep it strong while moisture treatments keep it soft and add elasticity. We recommend using a moisture treatment once a week or alternate washes to your plex or peptide treatment.

Talk to your stylist about future-proof hair colouring so that you can go longer in between colour services to minimise the damaging effects of colour.

Ultimately, the best resource you can have when growing your gorgeous locks is a stylist who is as invested in your hair as you are. Why not book a complimentary consultation with the team at Canberra Hair Extensions today to get your long hair journey started?

The 3 phases of hair growth

Every hair on your head is always in one of three growth phases. All of your hair is never in the same cycle – if it was, you’d lose all your hair at once every so often – and it would all grow back at once! Instead, every hair is at a different phase. That’s why there are times where you lose a lot of hair when washing or brushing, and less hair at other times. 

It’s also the reason you might find pesky fly-away or ‘baby hairs’ in your hair. These are most likely not breakage but new hairs growing. Hair grows on average 1-1.5 cm a month, or 12-18 cm a year.

The Anagen phase is the period of growth. The cells in the hair bulb divide rapidly creating new hair growth. Hair actively grows from the roots for an average of 2-7 years before hair follicles become dormant. In this time, hair can grow anywhere between 18-30 inches. The length of this phase is dependent on your maximum hair length, which varies due to genetics, age and health.

The second phase of your hair growth cycle is Catagen. This period is short, lasting only 2-3 weeks. In this transitional phase, hair stops growing, detaches itself from the blood supply and is then named a ‘club hair’ which prepares to shed.

Finally, hair enters its third and final stage called the Telogen phase. This phase begins with a resting period, where club hairs rest in the root while new hair begins to grow beneath. This phase lasts for around three months.

Canberra Hair Extension Update

New location

As restrictions have eased and we can now have more clients at a time. We have made the decision to operate Canberra Hair Extensions (CHE) out of Eden Hair Energy G02/19 Challis Street, Dickson 2602 going forward.

If you have an appointment with CHE it will now take place at Eden Hair Energy Dickson. Eden Hair Energy is just a short walk from the original CHE location – you can even park where you are used to parking however our recommendation for best parking is on Challis Street and is underneath the salon. It is $5.00 a day which is better value than any other parking around Dickson. You can view the parking map for options by clicking here.

If you would like an appointment

As we emerge from lockdown we are catching up with the backlog of clients who missed appointments as well as moving into our busiest time of year. Appointments are quite limited for the remainder of 2021 however we would LOVE to hear from you and see what we are able to do for you.

If you would like a booking or have an enquiry, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our online booking is currently disabled until we get through our lockdown appointments – please email us if you’d like an appointment at

How we are responding to COVID-19

At CHE we always have the interest of you, our team and the community at heart. We operate with strict hygiene measures in place as well as following all ACT and Commonwealth Government guidelines and recommendations.

If you have been a close contact to anyone who has COVID-19, are showing any symptoms or feel you may be unwell please let us know as soon as possible to rearrange your appointment – again the best way to reach us is by email.

We are not currently taking new clients for haircuts as standalone services however we welcome expressions of interest from hair colour and hair extension