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Permanent hair extensions

Permanent hair extensions are a stunning way to add length, volume, or different colours to your hair.

Beaded wefts provide a natural look and no damage to the hair, when cared for correctly.

Beaded wefts are suited to those who mostly wear their hair down, and put it up only occasionally. Beaded wefts can be worn in a ponytail, but some of our clients find it easier to get tape hair extensions into a sleek ponytail style. Beaded wefts are also perfect for those who seek a gentler attachment to the hair, as they use a bead rather than an adhesive – meaning there is no chemical contact with the hair.

Hair extensions are a great way to assist in the process of growing your own hair. Our clients are always surprised at their adjustment appointments just how much their own hair has grown, especially after a few months.

Our luxury slim-line wefts are extremely comfortable and are beaded through your own hair to blend seamlessly and create a perfect colour match.

A full head of these hair extensions is 100 grams which is usually 5-7 wefts, beaded throughout the mid-section of the hair, allowing the top layers to cover the beads.

We also offer half a head (50 grams) or single 20 cm rows which are perfect for adding volume or different colours to your hair.

Once purchased, hair extensions can be re-used for up to 18 months, depending on how they are maintained.

Colour matching the extensions to your existing hair colour, which may include foiling or colouring the hair extensions, is included in the price. (Please note this does not include colouring your existing hair.)

Tape hair extensions are attached with two extensions (each about an inch wide) both featuring adhesive that is sandwiched together over a section of your own hair.

Some of the benefits of tape hair extensions include:

  • easy to put in a ponytail
  • comfortable
  • sometimes quicker to apply
  • come in smaller sections, making them useful to fill in side gaps or small areas, like the sides of your hair around the hairline
  • good for those with very thick hair, as a larger quantity of hair extensions can be put in using this method
  • great for adding just a pop of colour instead of colouring your own hair.

This method does use an adhesive though, which doesn’t suit every person or hair type. We generally only recommend them for those who have healthy hair so that they do not cause damage.

When it’s time for re-application, we usually suggest having your tape hair extensions removed in one visit and having your colour done, then coming back the following day or week to have your extensions reapplied. This allows time for us to re-tape your extensions and for your hair to have a break. (We are able to do both on the same day, however, this will incur an additional charge as we need to have an additional stylist available to re-tape at the same time as the colour is being done.)

A full head of tape hair extensions is generally 20-40 sandwiches of hair (40-80 pieces). We also offer the Amazing Hair Integra range, where each parcel of hair is double the thickness, to provide a fuller look, ideal for thick hair or those wanting maximum volume.

Permanent Hair Extensions Process

All permanent hair extension services require a 15-minute complimentary consultation prior to making your first appointment for installation. At this consultation, your stylist will answer any questions, match your colour and take a deposit to secure your application booking.

Once you have decided to go ahead with hair extensions, we require a 50% deposit upfront to secure your booking, order the hair and any colouring which may be required to create a perfect blend.

The cost of your initial hair extension installation service includes:

  • ordering and colour matching your hair extensions to your colour
  • a wash and blowdry on the day of application
  • cutting extensions in to blend with your natural hair
  • styling such as curls, waves or straightening.

We have many hair extensions available in-store. If you’d like to get hair extensions, give us a call. Timing will be more dependent on whether a stylist is available than if we have the stock, as we usually will.

Permanent hair extensions FAQ

The thickness of your hair and what you do with the extensions between salon visits at home will determine how often you need to maintain them in-salon. Generally, we recommend between 5–7 weeks for fine hair and 7–8 weeks for thicker hair. We don’t recommend going longer than 8 weeks between adjustments. Doing so can cause damage to your hair and your extensions. Maintenance is something to consider when deciding whether permanent or temporary extensions would suit you best.

Some of our clients enjoy up to 18 months of wear before needing to purchase new hair but it really depends on how well you care for your hair at home. Factors such as home care, heat styling and colour will play a huge role in the longevity of your extensions. Generally, we see clients get between 8 and 12 months out of a set of beaded weft hair. 

When it comes to tape hair extensions, often the attachment part of the extension will break down before the hair itself, requiring a new set to be purchased. Appropriate aftercare products and minimising use of straighteners or heat styling on the tape attachment will assist in longevity. Tape hair extensions last between 6 and 12 months.

Yes, absolutely. You can put your hair up as you usually would with both the beaded weft or tape hair extensions. We make sure there is enough of your own hair on the exterior to cover the extensions when they are put up. However, if you prefer a sleek ponytail then the tape hair extensions may suit your hair better. The best way to determine which extensions would suit you and your lifestyle is to book in for a consultation with our team.

When beaded weft hair extensions are initially put in or adjusted, they’re located very close to the scalp and can be slightly uncomfortable, mostly when sleeping for the first one or two days. After this, they settle in and become more and more comfortable as they move further away from the scalp.

Any particular beads causing more discomfort than others may need readjusting. We’re happy to adjust any beads within 7 days of your original service free of charge. Outside this period you will be charged a ‘price per row’ to adjust any beads that have slipped or you would like moved.

Some clients experience slight discomfort on the first application of tape hair extensions as they adjust to having additional hair and weight on the scalp. However, this is not common and doesn’t last long.

Unfortunately, we only put in hair extensions which have been purchased through us, using our specific methods. This is so that we can ensure our high standards and quality control are maintained.

If you need your hair extensions from somewhere else removed, we can remove tape, weft, micro bead and weave hair extensions. We do not have the tools or equipment to remove bonded hair extensions.

If you’d like to have your hair extensions from elsewhere removed, please come in for a consultation and we can let you know what we’re able to do for you. Due to a large number of no-show appointments for this service, we require a $150 deposit to book removal of hair extensions from elsewhere.

Canberra Hair Extension Update

New location

As restrictions have eased and we can now have more clients at a time. We have made the decision to operate Canberra Hair Extensions (CHE) out of Eden Hair Energy G02/19 Challis Street, Dickson 2602 going forward.

If you have an appointment with CHE it will now take place at Eden Hair Energy Dickson. Eden Hair Energy is just a short walk from the original CHE location – you can even park where you are used to parking however our recommendation for best parking is on Challis Street and is underneath the salon. It is $5.00 a day which is better value than any other parking around Dickson. You can view the parking map for options by clicking here.

If you would like an appointment

As we emerge from lockdown we are catching up with the backlog of clients who missed appointments as well as moving into our busiest time of year. Appointments are quite limited for the remainder of 2021 however we would LOVE to hear from you and see what we are able to do for you.

If you would like a booking or have an enquiry, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our online booking is currently disabled until we get through our lockdown appointments – please email us if you’d like an appointment at

How we are responding to COVID-19

At CHE we always have the interest of you, our team and the community at heart. We operate with strict hygiene measures in place as well as following all ACT and Commonwealth Government guidelines and recommendations.

If you have been a close contact to anyone who has COVID-19, are showing any symptoms or feel you may be unwell please let us know as soon as possible to rearrange your appointment – again the best way to reach us is by email.

We are not currently taking new clients for haircuts as standalone services however we welcome expressions of interest from hair colour and hair extension