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5 Common Myths About Hair Extensions Debunked

If you’re someone who craves long, luscious hair you may have considered hair extensions. They can transform short, flat hair into a long shiny, voluminous mane. Hair extensions come in all different lengths, colours and textures and can be worn by anyone. But will extensions damage your hair? Don’t worry we’re here to debunk the five most common myths about hair extensions. 

At Canberra Hair Extensions, we use only the best quality hair extensions and the latest techniques to deliver beautiful heads of hair.  

5 common myths about hair extensions

Hair extensions are great for adding volume and length to your hair. You can style them, create a fun updo or even add fake bangs! Many of our clients use hair extensions as an intermediary while waiting for their hair to grow. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths out there about hair extensions that simply aren’t true:

Myth #1 Hair extensions damage hair

This is probably the most common myth about hair extensions but luckily, it’s not true. Good quality extensions that are professionally applied do not damage your hair. There are many cheap options on the market that use damaging adhesives or if installed incorrectly can cause tension on certain hairs, or worse – your scalp! That is why it is important to choose your extensionist and extension type carefully.

Go for beaded weft or tape hair extensions if you’re after a permanent solution and clip in ones for occasional use. Beaded weft hair extensions are extra gentle on your hair because they are applied with a bead rather than an adhesive. This means there is no chemical contact with your hair. Some clients do prefer tapes so we do still offer them – they are safe if applied and cared for carefully. 

Myth #2 You can’t put your hair up

Definitely not true, and thank goodness – because how boring would that be?! You can find hair extensions to suit any kind of style or updo. There are different types of hair extensions and each suits a different purpose. Permanent beaded weft extensions are perfect for people who mostly wear their hair down. Whereas tape hair extensions are great for styling and wearing up. You can chuck them up in a sleek ponytail in no time. 

If you’re looking to add volume or shape without the commitment then clip-in extensions are a wonderful option. You can also use them to add different colour tones or false bangs. If you’re heading to an event or a weekend away, clip-in extensions are great. They are that finishing touch that can take your outfit and glam to the next level. Your styling options are endless. 

Myth #3 Your hair gets knotty easily

Wrong again! Hair extensions should not get any knottier than your natural hair. If you take good care of them, they remain silky smooth. Natural hair extensions start to mimic your hair when you show them good TLC. 

It’s important to add hydration back into your extensions when you wash them. This is because they are not attached to your scalp so don’t receive the same nutrition and oils that your real hair does. If you forget to add this hydration to your extensions they may become brittle and begin to knot. 

Myth #4 They look obvious 

I’m sure we’ve all seen some bad extensions before with the visible tapes or clips. These are usually cheap, low-quality extensions that have not been applied professionally. Natural hair extensions that are applied in-salon are expertly colour matched and hidden to create a seamless blend. They are also trimmed to suit your haircut and add texture back in. 

Sometimes you might want your hair extensions to be noticed- colourful ones. Clip-in extensions can be dyed any colour and added to your hair for a fun change. This is great if you don’t want to commit to colouring your own hair. 

Myth #5 Hair extensions are only for adding length

No, in fact many people use hair extensions for reasons other than adding length. One of the best ways to get extra volume and bounce is with extensions. You can also use clip-in extensions to create a fringe or add extra layers. Ponytail extensions allow you to have a full, thick updo. Extensions can also be used to add lighter or darker shades to your hair. 

Many people also use hair extensions while waiting for their natural hair to grow. Our clients are often amazed at how quickly their natural hair has grown when they come in for touch-ups or maintenance. 

Canberra Hair Extensions 

Hopefully, we’ve debunked all the myths about hair extensions leaving you worry-free. If you’ve always dreamt of long, thick hair then give us a call. Our specialist hair extensions salon in Dickson is here to help you! We have a huge range of options and can recommend the perfect type of extension to suit your needs. 

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